Digitizing the collection

Many of the specimens on the Virtual Silurian Reef are online due to the hardwork a myriad of museum staff at the Field Museum and Milwaukee Public Museum including Sharon Grant, Kate Webbink, Marc Lambruschi, Pete Herst, Rob Zschernitz, Debra Miller and Greg Post.   

A Special thank you to all the interns and scientfic illustrators (a total of 17), whose combined efforts have resulted in the photography, illustrations, and databasing tens of  thousands of Silurian fossils.


Alex Layng
Nicole Karpus
Liza Connolly
Ryan Manzuk
Sam Albright
Laura Dykstra
Jayishnu Srinivas
Raquelle Kelley
Katie McComas

Tyler Ray Fewell

Mary Williams

Alysaa Caywood

Erin Farley

Ashley Dineen

Margaret James

Justin Calhoun

Jenna Mortenson


Field Museum Women in Science (FMWIS) and Women's Board of The Field Museum are proud to offer the 2015 Women in Science Internships. The internships are hosted in many departments throughout the Museum and aim to give young individuals the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the sciences. The 2015 FMWIS Internship Program hosted three high school and three undergraduate paid interns for 6 weeks during the summer of 2015. These are their stories.
Alex describes his 2011 summer internship project involving digitizing Chicago Silurian reef fossils at the Field Museum.